What will you do if your salary stops?


Nothing is as frightening as facing a threat of not earning a salary when you have monthly financial commitments.

The biggest fear is not being able to feed ones family.

I lost my Mercedes Benz,  I lost a well-paying job that made me believe I deserve to drive my dream car, in a wink of an eye I was told that my job is no longer available and that was the beginning of peeling off my dignity as a provider of my family.

My wife is prevented from working due to chronic rheumatoid arthritis.

I think and I believe without thinking about all these unfortunate realities and preparing for them it can often be disastrous.

I had not planned for all this WHY?

I am a hard worker, diligent, reliable, I work for a reputable established company and I will never be fired.

You will be fired, learn from my mistakes.


It took me four years of to recreate myself.

Looking for a job was no longer an option.

And what reinforced my resolve not to look for work was reading RICH DA, POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki, it was an eye opener and I am very much thankful to his teaching. My only regret is that it was late in my life when I came across this must read book. I have made it my duty to recommend it all my children, children of my friends and anybody who cares to listen.

Employment is not a viable option particularly if you have a family to look after.

Here is what Robert Kiyosaki says in one of his teachings;

“Contrary to popular belief, “poor” and “broke” don’t exactly mean the same thing. Both involve a lack of money. However, being poor is a mindset. Being broke is only a temporary condition. The key here is your mindset. It’s the answer to a lot of problems, especially with our current political climate where it seems everyone is blaming everyone else for their problems.

Many people are finding themselves facing very tough times right now, financially speaking. What will determine if these people bounce back or stay trapped by their financial situation will be their attitude. If you are broke, look not only at the problems you are facing, but also the opportunities”


The Success of your friends means nothing, you must stop clapping hands and start your own project.

Please share and lets learn from one another:

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